Magister in Management, Application and Software Development

Universidad Autónoma de Bucaramanga 2015

Recognition: Meritorious Distinction | Software prototype of an indoor positioning system for mobile devices | Dev Tools: Android, SQLite, IndoorAtlas, libGDX, Tiled Map Editor

Systems Engineer

Universidad Industrial de Santander 2012

Evaluation of data transmission with respect to the IEC 61850 standard in a local data network and its performance against attacks on its security | Dev Tools: Python, Scapy, Wireshark, Ostinato, Backtrack, Ubuntu


Backend Engineer

Cornershop by Uber July 2021 - Present

Tech blog author | Backend development of a new mechanism that allows internal customers to manage products displayed in the BrandCenter app | Design of the integration API between external clients and the Brands area | Dev Tools: Python, Django, Django Rest Framework, PostgreSQL

Developer & Consultant | Freelance

David Castro | Software Engineer January 2013 - Present

Course "Introduction to CommCare for Researchers". It's taught to teachers of the Faculty of Nursing of the Universidad Cooperativa de Colombia (Bucaramanga) in May of the year 2022 | Dev Tools: Python, Lektor

Design of the web portal of Dorian Salud para ti, an initiative that offers services of: Functional Medicine, Biological Decoding and Integrative Medicine | Dev Tools: Wordpress

Consultancy in Software Development for Ingeodata SAS, an enterprise which offers engineering services and solutions in the Oil & Gas field | Dev Tools: Python, Django

Design of the web portal of Velox Psicología, a company lead by mental health professionals, who use technological resources to promote emotional well-being and quality of life | Dev Tools: Wordpress

Backend Developer

Departamento Administrativo Nacional de Estadística DANE July 2020 - May 2021

Design of the architecture and implementation of the Backend of the Management System for Stratification and Coverage of Home Public Services (SIGESCO) | Leadership in software development activities: Design and development of production and development environments, application of good practices and management of source code repositories | Dev Tools: Python, Django, Django Rest Framework, PostgreSQL, Docker

Development Engineer

Fundación Cardiovascular de Colombia November 2016 - February 2020

Development leader in the Research, Development and Innovation area of the institution | Backend, frontend and mobile developer for projects executed in the area | Information analyst for decision making in the institution and in research projects (ETL and data mining) | Engineering consulting in more than 10 research projects on health|related topics (Medicine, Nursing and Psychology) | Drafting of engineering articles for scientific journals oriented to health and engineering | Speaker at national scientific health events | Dev Tools: Laravel, Bootstrap, Android (Java), MySQL, SQL Server, Wordpress, HTML, CSS, Javascript, GitLab


Python, Django, Django Rest Framework, PHP, Laravel | HTML, CSS, Javascript, Bootstrap | Java (Android) | PostgreSQL, MySQL, SQL Server, Oracle | Wordpress, Drupal | Git, GitHub, GitLab | Nginx, Apache, CentOS | Docker